The Company was established to accentuate the importance of having respect for all truck drivers, usually not portrayed by most road users.

Through my own experience as a long distance truck driver, I realised many road users donít imagine themselves behind the wheel of these road giants.

Truck drivers in South Africa are commonly regarded as illiterate and low class. Why would an employer trust a driver with an asset of more than R2 million?

How many motorists notified any truck driver of a flat tyre, rear lights not in working order, an unsecured load, etc.? Driving in a yellow lane is a favour, although against the law.

Truck drivers travel long distances and are away from home for days. They miss spending time with their children, attending concerts, sport matches and prize giving ceremonies.

Truckers in South Africa do not earn the remuneration of their counterparts in the American and European Countries

I dedicate this website to all truck drivers and their families who lost their lives operating a truck.


All products shown on the website are a tribute of respect towards truck drivers.

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